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A Girl & Her Horse

A Girl & Her Horse

I have known Calise since she was a little girl.  To see her grow up to become a lovely, smart, and mature young woman has been so much fun.  2 years ago TJ & I embarked on a journey with a group of high school seniors to Ireland.  It was there that Calise and I became good friends.  Since then we’ve had so many laughs and shared memories.  So, when she asked us to photograph her with her horse, Honor, it was a no brainer.  Calise brightens up any atmosphere when she smiles and her laughter is pure joy.  Throughout the entire shoot we joked, laughed, and froze. ha!  We began the shoot early in the morning, so needless to say it was very cold.  It was so worth it though.  The images turned out so wonderful.  When Calise saw the final images, she text me with pure delight.  Her words made me so happy….”They are so beautiful, I’m crying”.  To hear compliments like that makes me so glad that I am a photographer.  Our goal in every shoot is to make people look their best and to capture moments that allow their best qualities to shine.  Everyone needs those special moments (i.e photo shoots) that allow them to be who they are and have it documented.  I know Calise will cherish these images with her beautiful Honor.

Thank you, Calise, for bringing us along to create memories with you.  We love spending time with you and look forward to having an “Irish” day of tea and biscuits while watching Irish movies. :-)


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