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Rebekah Petrino Growing up, I remember always having a love for photography. When I was little I had a little blue Mickey Mouse instamatic camera, the kind where you would purchase a flash that only had limited uses and it used a 110 Kodak film cartridge. ha! I don’t think we ever even got that film developed. Fast forward quite a few years to when I was 13 and a good friend recieved a new camera as a gift. After opening her camera, she turned around and gave me her older 35mm. I loved it and used it for years! Fast forward another couple years and you will find me at 15 and getting real familiar with my Grandpa’s old Nikon 35mm. My Grandfather was a wonderful photographer who had a passion for life. He even built a darkroom where he created and developed images that we still have today. My Grandmother saw that same creative passion in me and decided to let me start shooting with Grandpa’s 35mm. I can remember the feeling of shooting and hearing the sound of the shutter – something that digital just doesn’t give you these days. Since then I have taken many classes and studied photography in both the film and digital world, met and married my partner in crime, and started Charlotte Photography with him. I am so greatful and couldn’t be happier with where life has taken me. I look forward to the adventures to come!

Thomas Petrino I started getting into photography with the old Kodak disposable cameras. You know, the kind that you had to wind up after every shot and pray that something good will come out. My first artistic experience was photographing the sunset amidst the power lines overlooking the bay at the Jersey shore. The lighting and everything was just right and the camera delivered a great quality picture. The photo came about well enough to enlarge and give to people as gifts. I have taken photographs in the US from New Jersey to California to Colorado to Florida and have had the privilage of travelling outside the US as well. I have done photography in Ireland, England, Holland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Praque, Germany, Costa Rica. (With a special place in my heart for Ireland) I really enjoy photographing rich landscapes with interesting weather patterns, especially mountainous regions. But on the other hand like presenting the ordinary things in life at a different angle and perspective. Portraits and weddings offer an opportunity to combine new techniques and compositional ideas.