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Creativity at The Hub

Creativity at The Hub

Last month was a very busy month with photography and music for us.  TJ was invited to play at quite a few events, as well as playing his own Wed. night gigs.  One of the sets he was invited to play on was the Friday Worship Night at The Hub in Asheville, NC.  Many of you remember reading TJ’s article, Something New,  back in February when the services were just kicking off.  This time I was so excited to be able to join the group, worship, listen to TJ & the band play, and have fun photographing the night.

It was such a beautiful evening watching people of all ages coming together in creative unity.  It is so important to have an outlet where you can paint, dance, sing, play your instruments, or for me, photograph, and do it because you love it and not because you have to.  This was a night that I could be as creative as I wanted to be and nothing was holding me back.  Nobody was expecting anything from me and I could just have fun.

Here are photos from that night.  I cannot wait to go back soon.


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  1. beautiful photos! i love the ones of ramey worshipping with her pregnant belly. amazing!!! she’ll treasure those later and can show that child the photos!

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