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Laura & Aaron: Wedding Day

This wedding was super special to me as the groom is my cousin.  I had photographed his older sisters wedding about 5 or 6 years ago too (This was back in the “Rebekah Anne Photography” days too. ) So, when the day came for him to get married, he and Laura immediately contacted us.  We couldn’t have been more excited.

They were married in Clearwater, FL in December.  The weather was beautiful with a hint of chill & breeze in the air.  Aaron & Laura were all smiles during the ceremony as all their family and friends witnessed this joyful celebration.  After the ceremony, we hurried over to the beach to capture some sunset photos of the bridal party and newly married couple.  By this time it was quite chilly and all of us girls were freezing (yes, I did say this was in FL too!).  Luckily the bride had her groom to keep her warm. 😉

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