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Old Henry – An INSP film – Day 2

Old Henry – An INSP film – Day 2

Yesterday we posted about our first day on the set of the INSP film, Old Henry.  The whole production took place in and around Charlotte, NC.  On this particular day we were located at an assisted living center.  If you have seen Old Henry, you will know the exact scenes shot.  Some of our favorite images from Day 2, was from a scene with Henry (Ralph Waite), his wife Peggy (played by Bonnie Johnson) & Jessica (Rachel Hendrix).  It was a remarkable and very emotional scene.

One of the best parts of the day was eating meals with the cast and crew.  It was a wonderful time to get to know each other.  Throughout the photos you will be seeing shots of all the great people that were working behind the scenes.  Each person played a vital role in making Old Henry.

Old Henry – Day 2

Tomorrow we will have Day 3 on the blog!

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