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Portraits of Thomas Jackson | Fort Mill, SC

Portraits of Thomas Jackson | Fort Mill, SC

Once upon a time a wife asked her husband if he would mind being photographed among the beautifully blossoming peach trees.  Luckily her husband said yes and she giddily packed her photography gear in the car and away they went.

For those of you who know TJ well, you know that he went to modeling camp as a kid.  While other children went away to summer camp, TJ was forced to learn how to be ridiculously  good looking and to walk a runway.  You should hear the stories he’s told me over the years.  Instead of nature walks, they had cat walks.  Instead of Arts & Crafts, it was hair and makeup.  It was a tough life.  So this photo shoot gave him the opportunity to dust off those skills he learned as a kid and let me photograph his good looking self.  :-)








Gosh, I have so much fun with this man.  Thankful for the love of my life being my business partner in crime as well.  Oh the places we will go.

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  1. And to think that he is our nephew! Wow! What a great looking guy, and he is married to a beautiful young woman! We are so blessed to have you both in our lives. xoxo

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