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Something New in Asheville, NC -The Hub

Something New in Asheville, NC -The Hub

Last Friday night I had the chance to visit ‘The Hub’ in Asheville, NC.  I didn’t know exactly what I was in for but loved what I saw. Walking down the cold street I was guided in by the low rumbling, siren sound of the music washing out into street.  Reaching the warehouse building I could only partially see through the door due to the steam on the windows caused by the heat of everyone inside.  Upon opening the doors I was hit with the music of Ray Hughes and his band which included Brian and Ramey Whalen.  If you are not familiar with them yet then I would suggest using these links and checking them out soon.  The music was an intense and beautiful blend of soaring highs and mellow and reflective songs.

It was a place for everyone.  There literally were at least 4 or 5 generations of people there! Babies were riding on their parents backs and elderly people were riding in wheelchairs.  One thing was universally true, everyone was having a great time.  There was a time when everyone’s singing grew to such a volume that they suddenly were a huge choir and the band even stopped playing and joined in with their voices as well.  The power and purity of the voices was amazing. 

Ray Hughes announced that he has now moved to the mountains in Asheville and is  now “a proud resident of Buncombe County”.  This means that he will be able to be at and play at ‘The Hub’ more often. Although there was a full 7 person band there playing that night Ray mentioned that you will never know who will be playing on any given Friday.  “It could be elephant stomping rock, a bluegrass band, or just a guy with a guitar.”  

The place wasn’t only all about the music though, there was a lot of other creative things going on.  Many of the children, while not dancing to the music, were drawing and painting and playing games on the side couches and sitting area.  Not that the drawing and painting was limited to the children, many of the adults were drawing and painting as well.  In that place you are free to be creative however you like.  It is that kind of spontaneity that makes it an interesting and inviting place. 

The Hub is at 278 Haywood Rd., Asheville, NC and they meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday at 7:00pm.

-By TJ Petrino

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