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2013 Myrtle Beach Marathon

2013 Myrtle Beach Marathon

The Myrtle Beach Marathon has been a tradition with the Petrino family for quite a few years now.  Early on the family used to take part in the relay marathon where 5 members would each run a leg of the 26.2 miles.  It was a blast!  Unfortunately the relay marathon was removed from the race and it is now just the half and full marathon only.  Regardless, someone in the family usually runs one of the 2 races each year, and we all come together and support them!  This year it was my sister in-law, Marianne, who ran the marathon.  TJ ran about 8 of the miles with her, helping her pace and encouraging her along the way.  What a great big brother!  She made amazing time and we were all so proud of her.  Throughout the race I was on the sidelines cheering at different mile markers and taking photos along the way.  Maybe someday I will run the half??

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  1. Great Job!!!!! woohoo!!!

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