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Our Birds: Part 1

Our Birds: Part 1

Every year I purchase hanging flower planters and plant my own assortment of pretty flowers.  It makes me happy!  The past few years those planters have housed much more than flowers though.  Usually one of our two planters becomes the home for a momma bird and her nest.  It is the neatest thing to watch.  I documented it all the first year we witnessed it on my Yellow Pepper blog.  You can check that out here.

Anyway, this morning, as I was checking on flowers, I noticed that a nest was being built in one of my planters.  YAY!  Immediately, as I began to look at the nest, the Momma bird got into “watch” mode.  She flew very close to me and perched herself on the opposite hanging pot.  I quickly grabbed my camera to capture this incredible moment.  The “tweets” (not twitter tweets, ha!) were going crazy between her and Daddy bird.  She would fly back and forth between him and then the planter.  I like to think they were discussing what they should do about “Camera Lady” and whether they should trust her or not.  Hehe.  I love that they have come back to build their nest where they will guard their eggs and protect their babies.  It is something that I will look forward to watching every day now.

Here are the first photos that I have taken of Momma and Daddy birds.  No nest photos yet as I was focusing on the birds today.  I’ll take photos of the nest in the days to come.  Perhaps the eggs will come soon too???

Stay tuned for many more posts as I document this beautiful piece of nature and creation!


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