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Shakori Hill Music & Arts Festival

This past weekend Rebekah and I were hired to shoot band photos for the group Toubab Krewe at the Shakori Hills Music and Arts Festival.

 Toubab Krewe sounded great and there were a lot of other really great bands on the many stages of the festival. We really enjoyed the music and creativity of the band and the rest of the performers.  It was refreshing to hear a great mixture of Bluegrass, Jam band and traditional African music at the festival.

Here are a few photos from the festival.

 Here I am taking some photos of Toubab Krewe.

Justin on the Kora

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones were amazing.  For a long while Bela has been a huge inspiration to me.

Future Man designed this drumitar and grooves on it.

Here is Bela digging in.

Victor Wooton has redefined the bass for all of us and the world.

Preston Frank sat in with Toubob Krew and sounded amazing. It was great to hear some Zydeco music.

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