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Supper with Santa at the Myers Park Country Club

Supper with Santa at the Myers Park Country Club

This Christmas season we had an incredible time shooting a supper with santa at the Myers Park country club.  It was great to see the smiles on the faces of so many happy kids (yes there were some screams and crying as well….)  But all in all everyone had a great time and often the screaming and crying photos came out the best!  I couldn’t help thinking of ‘A Christmas Story’ at times!


Here is our crew.  Rebekah and I were very happy to have Jason Guthrie and Nate Yarnes assisting us!

Santa was scheduled to arrive via helicopter but due to the weather he had a hitch a ride with the Charlotte Fire Department!  Not too bad.

The Staff at Myers Park made the event incredible!  They truly are the best.

The Christmas decorations were fantastic.  The halls were decked and the rooms really set the season.

Everyone got a Belky bear so everyone loved it!

Can you find Lauren?

Everyone loved how the elves matched the Belky bears so well!

Santa liked the elves as well and found them very helpful!

What a great time had by all!  See you next Christmas!

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